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Re: Hot backup

From: Ron Rogers <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 12:13:00 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Are you planning to manually perform your hot backups or use a third party = vendor software?? If third party, What package? What version of Novell are = you on?
information notes;=20
ALWAYS have a cold backup periodically (good fallback point).=20 You must be in the archivelog mode.
do NOT blindly trust third party backup vendors. Establish your backup and = restore on a non-production server.
Read the install manual and notes more than once. Get third party support if you can't get it to work to your satisfaction.

The reason I make these statements is we are on Oracle, Novell = 4.11 sp8 ,and Teritas Backup exec with the Oracle agent that is suppose to = backup according to the Oracle recommendations BUT the network people = can't get the Oracle agent working and opted for an "open file" third = party package that swears it will backup Oracle open files..Yea Right... I take a cold backup each weekend (thankfully I do ) because we crashed = 07/01/2000 while I was on vacation and it cost $4000+ for a consultant to = tell them to follow the normal restore procedures and use the cold backup = as a starting point.One instance is archiving and the other isn't and = doesn't need to be. It is loaded once a day and selects the remainder of = the day.

Work with your network people and make sure the backup is complete and = practice the restore procedure.=20

Hope this helps,
Ron Rogers

>>> 07/19/00 10:57AM >>>
Oracle DBA under Novell System,
I 'm using oracle release 7.3.2 and I want to process a daily hot backup. Is there any problem on doing that (specialy bugs or corruption) ? Any = suggestion will be very apprecied.

thanks in advance.

Author: DJAROUD, Salim

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