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RE: Troubles installing Oracle 8.1.5 on AIX, this time 4.3.3

From: Veronica Levin <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 14:20:47 -0600
Message-Id: <>

Thanks Sean,
The display problem is already solved. Now I am dealing with linking problems.

It seems like I didn't intalled the make utility and all its library. I = used
the AIX 4.3.3 CD's to install and I can't find the missing parts in = them.=20
Do you have any idea of where I should look for this????

To be more direct:=20
The directories /usr/ccs/bin and /usr/ccs/lib in this test enviroments = have
less than a half than the production machine.

I guess there is where my problems origin.

Any help on this would be appreciated :)


Ver=F3nica Levin Enr=EDquez
Administrador AIX
Compa=F1=EDa Cervecera de Nicaragua
Tel=E9fono: 505-2493779
Fax: 505-2443979

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On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Veronica Levin wrote:

> I just tried your suggestion...didn't work. Same error.
> What else can I do? I still don't understand why am I getting this =


Getting a program to startup under X is fairly simple. There are two things that have to be done. Sometimes these are done by default on a workstation, so when you startup a program remotely they may be new to you.

First you have to tell the program where to display. It can display on any X compatible terminal on the internet, believe it or not. You tell = it
by setting the DISPLAY environment variable like this:

$ export DISLAY=3D192.168.0.1:0.0

The 0.0 part specifies the display on that terminal, as there may be = more
than one (leave it to unix, nothings ever simple :-) )

Next you have to make that display ACCESSIBLE by that program. = Normally
on a workstation, if you're the user running the program, and the same = as
the user who started X, there's no problem. Otherwise you have to do = some
permutation like this:

$ xhost + localhost
or possibly
$ xhost +
or this
$ xhost +

One more important thing. This xhost command has to be run on the = machine
where you're going to display your prgram, *AS* the user which started = X,
otherwise you won't have the proper permissions (except if you're = Received on Fri Jul 14 2000 - 15:20:47 CDT

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