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Re:arch directory filled; restart ARCH process?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 15:57:32 -0400
Message-Id: <>

Once the archive destination has free space the arch process should restart automatically by itself. I've had this happen every so often. The DB does not crash although arch gets wrapped up around the flag pole pretty bad till it gets fixed. The DB will continue to run normally until the last of the online redo logs gets filled at which time it ceases to run additional transactions, freezes anybody currently logged on and refuses to accept any new connections. Mostly folks will get an ORA-00257 error and that's all. Once Arch is freed up and has had time to archive one online redo log successfully things will return to normal by themselves. BTW: If arch was writing to a file when the directory filled, it will hold that file open & try to finish when it can.

Dick Goulet

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Subject: arch directory filled; restart ARCH process? Author: "Sandy Ocheltree" <> Date: 7/12/00 10:45 AM

Help. I have just started working with a database in archivelog mode. The process that writes our archived logs to tape failed yesterday and eventually the directory that holds the logs filled. The database did not crash though! (I thought that's how it worked?) The alert log has entries showing ARCH trying to write to the filled directory, and failing, but no db crash. I have copied the archived files off for now and freed up space--is it safe to just restart the ARCH process? Once the process is restarted will it continue to write to the file that it was archiving to when it failed? Or will it write to a new file? Am I missing something crucial here? Thanks,

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