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(Fwd) [sacoug] Universal Update Software Package

From: Eric D. Pierce <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:48:35 -0700
Message-Id: <>

fyi (someone asked about Informix conversion utility?)

\__ Sacramento ORACLE User Group presents .....    

      UNIVERSAL UPDATE from SUNDOG Technologies, Inc.

 ... another in a series of Solution Presentations. This series presents

      exciting, new technological solutions for common problems.

\____ As an attendee, you may win a Palm Pilot VII, or . . .
| WHEN: Thursday, June 29, 2000 <2 - 5 P.M.>
| University of California Extension, Sacramento Center
| SUTTER SQUARE GALLERIA, 2901 K Street, Room 209
| Second Level, Sacramento, California

Kenny Mills of Sundog Technologies, Inc. <> presents Universal Update:

"Universal Update allows you to extract data from a single database source, or mulitple/disparate database sources, to transform, move, and load it into another database target or end-user application.

No matter where your data resides or what format it is in, Universal Update allows you to fully control its use."  

For example .....
> A one-time data/database migration [legacy system(s) to Oracle] > Replicating ongoing data changes from disparate databases to other database(s) [ie: Informix, and Sybase data into Oracle.....or MAS 90, PeachTree into Oracle and Access]
> Extract and distribute specific data into MS Excel for data analysis and review. [ie: distribute data to business line managers, to be updated and received every morning, in an Excel spreadsheet for data analysis]
> Extract and distribute enterprise data changes to PDA/handheld devices [ie: price list updates, inventory levels, interest rate changes, etc. sent to branch offices and sales reps' PDA devices] > Automatically distribute enterprise data changes to corporate web site for web content updating [ie: pricing, inventory level changes]

All of this is done non-intrusively....meaning NO SQL programmer is needed, only READ access is required to extract data from the "source" database(s), and there is zero overhead on the source production database(s).

Universal Update is a tool that can be used by any organization who requires enterprise data to be distributed to their employees, partners, customers, and web sites.

Should you have any questions please phone Kenny Mills. For more information, or to download this software, please visit the Sundog web site.

 Richard Newbold, Communications Director (916.654.7534)
 Sacramento ORACLE Users Group

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