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Re: What should sys admins know about Oracle?

From: Rachel Carmichael <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 00:54:17 GMT
Message-Id: <>

All I know is, the more my sysadmin (and heck, my developers while I'm at it) know about Oracle, the less likely they are to question me when I say I want LOTS of disks and want them to up the semaphores and no, you cannot have the entire database on one disk.

Rachel -- who is very happy with her sysadmins at the moment :)

>From: guy ruth hammond <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L <>
>Subject: Re: What should sys admins know about Oracle?
>Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 23:54:23 -0800
>Jonathan Gennick wrote:
> >
> > Chris brings up something that I was just thinking about the
> > other day. There are some key things about Oracle that
> > system administrators may not understand by default. What
> > are they? What do you want your system administrators to
> > know about Oracle?
>"If anything happens, write down exactly what Oracle said, and wait for
>me to get back."
>They need to know:
>- What changes we make to the kernel configuration, if any, and why.
>- What changes we make to system boot and shutdown scripts, if any.
>- What shared libraries and headers are needed for Oracle programmers.
>- What TCP/IP ports we use (TNS or CORBA or RMI)
>- What applications on the machine/network are dependant on the database.
>- Why Oracle processes look a lot bigger than they are (shared memory
> is often shown as being part of each process). Saves them panicking!
>- Why we sometimes like RAID1 and sometimes like RAID5 or RAID 10,
> and why we like lots of independant mount points.
>- That you cannot backup Oracle with ufsdump.
>- That a tablespace is like a filesystem, and a schema is like a home
> directory, and that you don't create a tablespace for every user.
>- That these very large datafiles which appeared the other day aren't
> going to double in size by next week, because they're mostly empty
> at the moment.
>- That an Oracle server cannot get its IP address from DHCP.
>- That Oracle is *supposed* to use all the disk, CPU and memory. That's
> why the server is there in the first place!
>Ok, I'll stop now before I get carried away... :0)
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