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RE: Your frank opinion

From: Philip West <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 08:48:57 +0100
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I would offer that the development dba's lot is different because s/he is most likely to be as much developer as raw dba - as in Data Base Administrator - can't see the word programmer in there anywhere!

I would also like to offer the rich man's (or woman's of course, don't want to jump into the viper's pit here) chauffeur/mechanic as an analogy for the raw production dba . S/he drives the big expensive car hither and thither taking in the scenery without too much strain. Oh, s/he will polish the car to keep it looking good and always make sure that the tank is full and there is oil and water where and when needed but life is not hard. However when the fan belt goes or the car gets a flat there will be no excuses if s/he is not back on the road, to that oh so important charity ball, within fifteen minutes. To that end s/he had better be damned good at the job and keep abreast of any developments that might prolong the life of the car and improve its performance. Not to forget that occasionally when the owner is away at the country estate for the weekend the chauffer/mechanic has likely got the car on blocks or the engine in pieces carrying out some routine but time consuming proactive maintenance.

yours (doffing my cap m'lady)

Phil West - Impex IT ltd
Unix Sys Admin and Oracle Financials DBA Services

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