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Re: Migration Workbench Create_view.sql empty

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 17:44:00 +0100
Message-ID: <ctobhi$g14$>

sqldba wrote:
> We have been working on a migration from MSSQL7 on Windows 2­000 to
> 10g
> on Windows 2003 and are almost ready to go. I have been usin­g the
> Migration Workbench for several months now with only a few i­ssues
> with
> Text to CLOB conversions. I found a work around using SQL*Lo­ader
> scripts. However, for the last week I am having an issue wit­h the
> Generate SQL*Loader scripts not creating the Create_View.sql­ for the
> data extract portion. For example I select 8 tables from the­ Oracle
> Model, right click and select generate scripts. When I look ­at the
> results the batch files are okay, and the ctl files are okay­ for all
> 8
> tables. The Create_View.sql and Drop_View.sql scripts have b­een
> generate but all of the tables are not present in them, 3 ar­e
> missing.
> I tried again selecting just 1 of the missing tables and onc­e again
> the
> batch and ctl files are fine, the Create_View.sql and Drop_V­iew.sql
> scripts have been created but they are empty. While investig­ating
> this
> problem last week I found that a new version of the Migratio­n
> Workbench
> had been released, not that it helped, the same issue are pr­esent. I
> have tried the default, olite, repository and using a full b­low
> Oracle
> database, still no help. I have opened a TAR but they are pu­zzled
> also.
> Has anyone experienced this and found the cause/solution?
> Regards,
> Charles Deaton

Does your total number of objects generated approach a "magic" number (256, I believe it was)? It's a bug. You can either select less objects (say 240), and generate in batches of 240, or contact Oracle, and ask for a new release. This would be a developers' release.

I have had one, and found the developers team very cooperative.

Frank van Bortel
Received on Tue Feb 01 2005 - 10:44:00 CST

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