Re: Oracle ASM and High Availability

From: Seth Miller <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 14:28:26 -0600
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There are ways to fix corrupt ASM disk headers (other than restoring a backup of the header) so no, it is not true that all the data would be lost if external redundancy disk header is lost.

However, this scenario is exactly why you would not use external redundancy of you are unable to protect the disks and the headers at the storage layer.

There are scenarios where you would have separate disk groups for each database but these would generally not be for protecting data, but segregating it for purposes of using storage snapshots.

Seth Miller

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> Hi
> Need some expert opinion on Oracle ASM best practices and high
> availability. It is recommended to have minimum DG using ASM like DATA/FRA
> for multiple database on the Cluster. Now I had seen some scenario, where
> one disk header on External Redundancy DG causes to restore all Database
> and hence Major failure. Does this not make sense to create multiple DG
> like DATA for each Database and FRA can be shared ?
> Please share your opinion and just for reference that Disk header in such
> scenario was not recoverable from backup header.
> Sanjay

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