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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 14:57:26 -0800 (PST)
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I believe it’s the way EM uses WLS and java… not necessarily that 10.3.6 WLS doesn’t support the updated java. 


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Following up on this thread, I plopped update 95 for 1.6 into the $MW_HOME/jdk16/jdk directory in the middle of restarting the OMS and had no issues.  Then, with backups appropriately placed, I dropped 1.7.0_95 into the $MW_HOME/jdk16/jdk directory and had the same issue.  So it appears it's not an issue of moving $JAVA_HOME but more to the MOS article Courtney pointed out with 1.7 and 12.1.0.x compatibility issues.


Is there a flaw in my MOS or my thinking in that the MOS Certification tab should be able to list the appropriate JDK versions for WebLogic?






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Interesting.  I read the statement "Note: 1.6_95 is the latest JDK update certified for 12c. Its not recommended to update the JDK version to 1.6_101" to mean that 95 is the latest update to be certified for 1.6 with 12c and not necessarily an issue with later releases.


In MOS under Certifications for WebLogic Server 10.3.6 on RHEL 6 I see the following under "Management and Deevelopment Tools":

Oracle JDK

                42 Releases(1.7.0_95,1.7.0_91,1.7.0_85,1.7.0_80,1.7.0_79,1.7.0_76,1.7.0_75,1.7.0_72,1.7.0_71,1.7.0_67)and 32 others


Doesn't that mean the listed releases of JDK are certified with WL 10.3.6?  If not, what does that line mean and how should I normally determine the latest certified JDK for WL?


I do have an SR open and the consultant I'm working with suggested upgrading to 1.7.






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Have you contacted support?   EM 12.1.0.x does not support JDK 1.7, you can only go to the latest of JDK 1.6…

How to Upgrade JDK to 1.6 Update 95 on OMS or (Doc ID 2059426.1)



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In this case I'd try to find something more from emctl logs/trace files if those are available. Looks like there are ways to configure them:

Depending on what/how exactly emctl tries to start and where exactly this fails you can go further.


Also I'd try to start NM manually directly and see if this works or not, what's in logs, etc.


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I'm actually not starting NM directly but indirectly from the OMS start -> $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl start oms.  The various components start until it gets to NM and that's when it fails.  This happens shortly after the Webtier starts and I've confirmed this by using "strace" to track progress as best I can.  In the output I can see opmn commands completing but then not a whole lot of help until NM fails.  The NM process actually gets created but that's it.






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 so you try to start NM and it fails with NoClassDefFoundError?

can you show full texts of how you actually start Node Manager and full content of its out files right from the start.


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Folks, I have an SR open w/ Oracle that appears to be going nowhere so I'm hoping that someone can at least lead me in a direction where I'll make progress.  Here's the situation (all in the context of EM 12c):

·         We're having issues with our WL Admin console page and I opened an SR to resolve the problem.

·         I was told to upgrade JDK which should resolve the problem.  Right now our various versions in the EM stack are:

o   OMS

o   WebLogic

o   JDK 1.6.0_43

·         In trying to upgrade to JDK 1.7.0_95 I wanted to avoid a release-specific path.  Right now JDK1.6 sits under $MW_HOME/jdk16/jdk.  As part of the move to JDK1.7 I want to start using $MW_HOME/jdk, as I'm assuming in the future any JDK upgrades would be specific to FMW for EM.

·         I followed MOS docs 1309855.1 and 1616397.1 to make sure I covered everything necessary.  As far as I can tell all that's involved is stopping processes, plopping the new release in a directory, updating key files to point to this new directory and start everything back up.


When I start up the OMS I get the following:


Node Manager Could Not Be Started

Check Node Manager log file for details: .../NodeManager/emnodemanager/nodemanager.log

Oracle Management Server is Down

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/OraclePreparedStatement


The nodemanager.log file isn't very helpful, giving me the following over and over:


<Feb 9, 2016 6:58:59 AM> <WARNING> <I/O error while closing socket connection> Connection reset



Has anyone successfully upgraded the JDK and in the process moved $JAVA_HOME to a new location from the base install of EM?  Does anyone know a way to get more information out of NM as to why he's failing?


I'm sure someone is going to ask:

·         Why are you upgrading JDK?  The whole EM stack is suppose to be a black box?  Answer: I'd love to NOT upgrade JDK but it's per a request of Oracle to resolve a different issue.

·         Why place the new JDK under $MW_HOME?  Why not keep it completely out of the EM software directories?  Answer: I can see the point and to tell the truth I didn't think of that initially.  Currently this is an EM-only host so JDK has no point other than with EM.







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