RE: oracle handing memory allocation different between 11g and 12c?

From: Charlotte Hammond <"Charlotte>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 18:49:15 +0000
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Hi Matt,
I think you mentioned that were on Solaris 10?  We had what sounds like a similar problem with our Solaris 10 zones and Oracle  In fact, not only would the database fail to start but we couldn't even kill the background processes and shutting down the zone would hang.  In the end we had to reboot the entire server which wasn't popular! Have a look at MOS Note 1981697.1 which states that OSM is not supported on solaris 5.10 (I didn't see any further details on this). We applied both patch 19217491 and disabled automatic memory tuning (AMM/ASMM).   The database reverted to ISM and restarted fine and critically didn't hang the zone.  This wasn't a busy system so we weren't too worried about the performance impact of disabling AMM (static settings worked just fine).  Ideally I'd have applied the patch OR disabled AMM to evaluate things a bit more scientifically but such was the business fallout of having to reboot a server with multiple unrelated other zones we had to adopt a belt-and-braces approach to avoid a re-occurence rather than a selective one.

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 But in 12c, Oracle prefers using OSM over either ISM or DISM.   That appears   to be the cause the of the problems I’m having.

  Anybody else install 12c on solaris and have issues with OSM not working as   expected?

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