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It is recommendations like this, trying to skirt Oracle licensing that will cause a license audit for a company and makes it harder for companies who make simple mistakes versus willful mistakes to deal with Oracle LMS.  

You really should read the Oracle licensing document for software downloads from OTN/ and read the oracle licensing documents relative to customers who own licenses versus simply being the single developer in the wild downloading software to learn or do development on while not owning any licenses.  

Your activities as an individual in a company and using any company equipment for these activities puts the company at risk and makes life worse for us in the Oracle Community.    

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On 02/10/2016 07:42 AM, John Hallas wrote:

How true that is.

It is often very difficult to work out what we have got and who controls the licenses.  

The best site as regards license management (and many other things) I worked at had a very simple rule – if a server was not listed on a central spreadsheet which was managed by Purchasing then you could not install any Oracle software on there.

It did not matter how much anybody shouted or how important the project was – that was the rule.  


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Where I have seen it fall down is that management doesn't always involve and/or communicate what is licensed effectively to staff.    

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Another good trick to remember is that you have the right to use database 30 days for free, as a trial license. Consequently, if you keep re-creating your development database every 30 days, using some form of "duplicate database", you don't have to pay for the license. That is where SAN snapshot technology pays off.

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