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From: Iggy Fernandez <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 09:24:07 -0800
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You probably need RAC to prevent the log writer from becoming a bottleneck. You probably need partitioning in the interests of performance as well as data archiving. I suggest designing the archiving strategy now rather than when you're stuck in a pool of a trillion messages. I suggest the ODA for numerous reasons. RAC is a long learning curve. You can license more cores as you go. re: consistency. Outside the Oracle world, they claim that shared-nothing is the only way to go for performance, reliability, and scalability and they prohibit distributed transactions. My four pence.

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 08:10:29 -0800
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I have a question about designing a messaging app. The messaging app is being moved to Oracle and receives around 20 million messages per day (231 per second avg). I'm not sure about the # of messages at peak time, but let's assume 2000 per second. Could this be done in a single Oracle 12c database? What do you suppose would be hardware requirements? Could SAS disk work or SSD disk required? We may want HA as well so RAC may come up. I've never designed a system with this high of throughput so please bombard me with your feedback. Also, I'm curious about scaling to 100 million messages per day. Another option would be to have several databases accepting the data, but then we have to be able to accept that a transaction committing data to 2+ databases may have a failure and the data consistency may be lost. Thoughts?

Michael Cunningham
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