Re: Don't know wallet password, can't open wallet

From: De DBA <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 13:53:18 +1000
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Oracle could well be correct... If you've still got the original ewallet.p12 AND cwallet.sso in the same place as on the old server, and your sqlnet.ora file still identifies the wallet directory correctly, then I'd be inclined to think that the cwallet.sso (Single-SignOn file) was created as a local-only file. This means that it cannot be moved to another server and used there to open the wallet. In that case, you'll have to recreate it, or return the array to the old server.

Unless of course your boss/the CSO/the coffee lady/etc... has the password stored in some old envelope at the bottom of the safe, perhaps? Or did the old guys use a generic password for almost anything? You can test on a copy of the ewallet.p12 file with mkstore indefinitely, there is no lockout after so many attempts..


On 21/01/15 12:46, Sandra Becker wrote:
> Oracle 11.2 EE
> We moved a database to a new server this morning. Unmounted the disk array from the old and mounted it on the new. Now we can't open the wallet. The people who might have know the wallet password were laid off a year ago. Oracle support says we're screwed. Isn't there some kind of back door?
> We need this database open tomorrow morning for the customers. Any help is appreciated.
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> Sandy

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