Re: DB Merge Ideas?

From: Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 19:48:52 -0400
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Hello Michale, we have several small erps, what we did is to convert to multi-business.
1) This means you add to every table a column specifying the business. In example the database a will be 'A',B', etc. 2) you rename the table ,in example customers to customers_mb 3) you create a function that get the current ebusiness you are using (we use a variable package) db_get_current_business; when logging you set this variable.
4) you create a view, create view select * from custoemrs_mb where business=db_get_current_business;

There are some problems of problems of performance with pushing predicates, but in general everything went ok.
And of course there are other details.

2014-12-17 19:50 GMT-04:00 Michael Cunningham <>:

> Hello list,
> We have 16 similar instances that we want to merge into a single
> instance. I'm looking for input on the best method. Below is all I could
> think of to help.
> Oracle on Linux
> All instances exist on the same server.
> ASM is being used. Currently one diskgroup for all instances.
> No tables have the same name.
> The tablespaces that matter do not have the same name between databases
> (one db is TBS0, another is TBS1, and so on).
> Each is around 500GB (5.5TB total).
> We do not have golden gate license.
> Any thoughts?
> I'm thinking of transportable tablespaces, but I'm looking for other
> input. I need to minimize downtime.
> --
> Michael Cunningham

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