Recovery with three days old backup

From: Sreejith Nair <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 12:14:59 +0530
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Dear List

Here is the scenario.

I have a database single instance in Oracle Solaris 10 ( no ASM ).

We stored data files in mount points and three days back one of the mount point crashed.

We have three days old INCREMENTAL LEVEL 0 backup and ARCHIVELOG backups available. But CONTROL FILE AUTOBACKUP was not set to ON and we ended up having a backup with no control file auto backups.

We have restored the backup from tape. The database at present can be mounted as the mount point where controlfile is residing is still available.

Is it possible to recover the database if I take a control file backup now after changing AUTOBACKUP to ON. Can we use the controlfile backup from today ( after the data files are lost ) to recover the database from three days old data file and ARCHIVELOG backups.

Kindly suggest if I have any other recovery strategy available.


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