RE: where clause filter from an array or use temp table?

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:48:06 -0500
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Hi Jeff,

As Stefan mentioned, a way to deal with data volatility (0 to 300 records) is to rely on dynamic sampling (DS). DS should be able to help generate a plan that is suitable for the specific data volumes/distributions at execution time.

Please note that dynamic sampling fires only the first time a query is issued (during hard parse). Consequent executions would reuse that plan, even if the data volume and/or distribution in the tables have changed significantly. A solution to that is to force hard parsing every time. That can be done by either changing the SQL text slightly or by using this method that replies on VPD.

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Subject: where clause filter from an array or use temp table?

So I have procedure set up with a string parameter that is intended to be a comma separated list of numbers and returns a cursor. Sometimes they pass in 1 value and sometimes 300 values. I then take this string and put it into an table of numbers array.

Then in the query uses the array like so in the where clause: where emp_id in (select column_value from table(cast(t_numbers as num_tab)))

I think I am running into bind peaking issues where the first time it gets called they may pass in only 1 values and the optimizer will decide to use an index, then the next time they pass in 300 where a full table scan might be better but because it is a bind variable it uses the first plan.

Now I was thinking of changing this process to load the values into a global temporary table (preserving rows on commit) and then I can join to the temp table instead.

I have tested this method and it proves to be a lot faster. But I am wondering if this is a good idea to do? Now I will have a bunch of redo being generated for all the deleting and inserting into the global temp table. I have a lot of procedures that use this method with the array. Not all have problems but I would probably eventually change them all over.

What do you think about this approach?
We also have some procedures where if they pass in a NULL to that parameter instead that means not filter on that column. So there where clause looks something like this. where (p_values is null or (emp_id in (select column_value from table(cast(t_numbers as num_tab))))

Thanks for any input.

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