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From: De DBA <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 12:55:54 +1000
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Thanks for that. If I understand that note correctly, it only talks about the ability to see the backups taken from a standby in the primary location. Not the ability to take backups in the first place, or the ability to restore without catalog? It includes the advise in case of a restore to copy backups to the primary location and catalog them, which is exactly what we do when restoring a "lost" database without catalog connection.

Also it becomes clear that this has nothing to do with Seth's problem earlier.. false alarm..


On 03/12/14 23:51, Andrew Kerber wrote:
> Metalink note 1070039.1. Needed for 11.1 and above.
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>> Andrew,
>> I'm almost sure I have restored databases without a catalog from a standby backup. Can you point us to the actual quote?
>> Perhaps this has bearings on the problem that Seth had with cloning the database from a standby backup some weeks ago, not sure how that ended. I may have missed the solution..
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>> On 03/12/14 13:55, Andrew Kerber wrote:
>>> According to oracle doc if you want to use a backup of the standby to restore primary you have to use a recovery catalog. Not sure why.
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