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From: Juan Miranda <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 22:13:15 +0200
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Carlos: I didnīt know edb360 but itīs a powerfull tool (more than I need) and have some very interesting querys.

Chris: I will use your script, thank you very much.

As Ethan said I will compile some querys and create a report.

I will share it when finished.  


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You may want to take a look at edb360. Yes, it is free and provides what you are asking for. If you want a sample output I can place one on Dropbox for you to see it.  

This edb360 free tool is available at Enkitec webpage, under tools tab.


Carlos Sierra

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On Apr 23, 2014, at 10:43 AM, Juan Miranda <> wrote:  

Iīm looking for any free tool or script to gather, in nice html format,

daily reports with info and stats about my databases:

storage and segment growing, daily connections, daily redo generation,

most active users, heavy sql, tablespace sizes, performance stats, recover info, etc.etc.  



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