Looking for feedback for DR plan

From: Henry Poras <hrp_at_google.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:14:54 -0400
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OK guys, just looking for some opinions and feedback here. We have a minor disagreement at work and I am trying to see where you weigh in. I’ll try to present this in as unbiased a manner as possible.

The main question is how long should it take to roll out a DR environment given:


   we currently have a physical standby running

   no knowledge of RPO or RTO

   incomplete knowledge of type of application connections to DB

   incomplete knowledge of number of applications connecting to DB

   incomplete knowledge of upstream and downstream feeds/connections to DB

   unknown whether failover requires failover of entire application stack    or not

   homegrown failover scripts (currently being used in another environment)    are being proposed

   no testing plan in place as of yet.

How much time would you allocate to getting this up and running? Any other comments on this proposal?



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