Re: Separate Schemas for Data and Application?

From: Toon Koppelaars <>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 08:47:42 +0200
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I prefer an architecture that enables me to clearly identify the 'entry points' of the (UI) application into the dbms. Ideally I would like three schemas:

1 - Application owner schema with all the tables and stored pl/sql that is not directly accessed by the application. 2 - API schema. This schema has all the objects that are accessed by the UI application.
3 - UI application connect schema.

Schema 2 would have private synonyms to objects referred in schema 1. And also the necessary object privileges granted from schema 1 to schema 2.

Schema 3 has private synonyms to objects in schema 2 + the necessary object privileges granted from schema 2.

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:11 PM, Jeff C <> wrote:

> I wanted to know what everyone's opinion is on separating schemas. Like
> having a data only schema, a code only schema and then a schema the
> application logs into and executes code from the app schema. Or do you put
> all data and code in a single schema and then a separate schema for the
> application to run as?
> Also do you implement table API's? If you do then this probably nullifies
> a lot of these options.
> Let me know what you do.
> Thanks.

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