RE: RMAN not behaving

From: Uzzell, Stephan <SUzzell_at_MICROS.COM>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 18:26:36 +0000
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Stupid antivirus... moved the files into a folder that was excluded from the scan and everything is playing nicely now.

Stephan Uzzell

From: Uzzell, Stephan
Sent: Monday, 07 April, 2014 11:38
Cc: Uzzell, Stephan
Subject: RMAN not behaving

I'm having a slightly weird situation here that I don't fully know how to troubleshoot.

We ran a one-off backup to refresh a test environment, transferred the pieces to the test environment, cataloged, all the normal steps.

The restore is failing with errors like:

RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 04/04/2014 20:54:22
RMAN-12009: command aborted because some backup pieces could not be located
RMAN-12008: could not locate backup piece D:\LATESTBACKUP\MHGPMS_FULL_20140404_C5P4S87E_1_1

But listing the backup pieces, RMAN seems to know about it and thinks it is available:   Backup Set Copy #1 of backup set 17760   Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time Compressed Tag

  • ------------ --------------- ---------- --- DISK 00:14:59 04-APR-14 YES MHGPMS_FULL_2014-04-04
    List of Backup Pieces for backup set 17760 Copy #1     BP Key Pc# Status Piece Name
  • --- ----------- ---------- 17900 1 AVAILABLE D:\LATESTBACKUP\MHGPMS_FULL_20140404_C5P4S87E_1_1
Oracle on Windows. Any ideas where I should begin looking?


Stephan Uzzell

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