bizarre rman backup question

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Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 11:55:57 -0400
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Oracle Clusteware:
DB Homes:,,
OS: Redhat Linux
2 node clusters
130 GBs free on each internal disk after installs. RMAN catalog in use

We are not in production yet. We are moving customer DBs to our data center and our management. The customer has not signed a contract yet to figure out how we are doing backups. However, I still need to take them when DBs get here. So I am taking RMAN backups to local disks. Its the only place I have to put them until a contract is signed.

I also need space to put their RMAN backups that I need to do the initial creation. The base size of the DBs so far are relatively small and compressed backups fit. However, I have some issues and Im trying to get 'creative' to make space.

Right now we are:
1. 1 day of backup. New backup daily
2. Restore points on ASM. Not deleting archivelog space. I have alot of ASM space since we sized it for many DBs and they come in over time. So archive is not issue (this will remain this way for a while). 3. We are NOT in production, but customer can see it and expects everything up so they can test and work, etc...
4. I have a verbal requirement to be able to restore backups to any point in time ever during test phase (so for the next 2.5 months). Handling with restore points. Not deleting archive.

Ways to save space on internal disks:

  1. Is it possible to tarball compressed RMAN backups to save more space without screwing up the repository? So if I avoid crosschecks etc... Verbally I was told to keep 30 days of backups (or something like that), but they have not paid for that yet. However, I have to deal with the consequences of issues.
  2. Can I store backups in ASM? I have alot of storage that I have not created ASM diskgroups for since I dont need it. Do I use ACFS for this?
  3. Once I have tape backups or whatever they pay for, is there a way to reconfigure RMAN without screwing up cross checks? Ill have to change the location of my backups. Or move my existing backups?

Looking for 'creative' non-standard approaches. Note this is for test phase so its not production data, but I still have to provide support. Things you would never do in production are ok to post...

Yeah I know. Local disk backups=bad. But Im not paying for the backups myself...

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