RE: Reporting DB on same server as primary DB?

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 09:53:50 -0500 (CDT)
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mwf replies:

> IF you have enough memory to provide reasonable sga and pga space, then you
> have defined CPUs as the constraint.

I don't have a way to forecast that, but aside from the security aspect, I was thinking that things like UNDO usage could be a factor for both long-running reports and multiple reports, depending on how the tool works. But I'm not sure yet how UNDO in the primary affects (if at all) the standby/reporting DB.

> I think whether this situation becomes an actual win would vary wildly from
> case to case, but certainly there are many possibilities to win.

Exactly. And our case is difficult to predict as not all the parameters are known yet. I'm trying to ensure uptime with acceptable performance when this puppy goes live, as well as 3 years down the road given consistent growth (and some spike growth too!).

> I'm not entirely sure active DG within the same LPAR is officially
> supportable. You're in the "hasn't not worked yet" phase, which seems
> promising.

Hmmm...I've seen vague mention of "not recommended", but nothing of the "why". If there is no advantage to a reporting DB on the same server, or increased risk, then I can pull the plug. But so far, the security advantage of a RO reporting DB alone seems to be a winning factor. If it's not a supported configuration though...

Thanks Mark!

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