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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 10:07:11 -0700
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Hi Peter, yes, the TOTAL is showing you how large the TEMP tablespace is right now. However, it is not necessarily the size since the last database restart, but it is the total size of all files that make up the TEMP tablespace. Based on what I see I would guess you have 1 file in the TEMP space and it is at its max size (32GB for a datafile with 8K block size). If you have autoextend turned on then there was a statement - or statements - that pushed it all the way to 32GB.

I don't know of any way to calculate how much TEMP would be required to complete the failed transaction. You could try and add a datafile of 1GB (if autoextend is on) and see how much it grows to complete the transaction. In my experience you would want to look at the query first and make sure it is performing optimally. I've seen queries that were fine before and then, with bad stats and query plan, they used an excess of TEMP space.

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This is Oracle running on 32 bit Windows. We have had an "ORA-1652 - Unable to extend temp segment ..." and I am trying to get an idea of how much larger the temp tablespace needs to be based on previous use.

When I run this query:

select total_blocks*8192/1000000000 Total,

        free_blocks*8192/1000000000 Free,
        max_sort_size*8192/1000000000 Max
from v$sort_segment
where tablespace_name='TEMP';

I get:

TOTAL          FREE                  CURRENT_USERS        MAX
35.06962432    35.060187136          9                    0.273932288

Does this mean that the high water mark in TEMP since the last database restart is 35 gb and the maximum use by any session is .27 gb?

Is there anything other than the sort segment which uses space in TEMP?

Peter Schauss

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