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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 11:53:04 -0400
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That certainly *looks* like a column format difference - but you've denied differences in sqlplus settings.

I'd look for a glogin.sql or login.sql nonetheless, and I would add a column format setting something like

column "'a'" format a3 hea duh

to see whether that changes the display on both databases. IF it does, I would redouble my efforts to find where the column 'a' format was being left the default on one database and being set on the other.

You have an interesting email address.


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Subject: output of a select statement

Hi Group,

I have two DBs10.2.0.4 running on Solaris 10.

And the output on these two databases are totally different from sqlplus:

Select 'a' from dual;

Output a:



output b:



I compare the system parameters and the setting for sqlplus, no difference found.

I 'm wondering how dose the difference come out?



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