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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 13:23:07 -0400
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Since you are not using a catalog, how is RMAN supposed to determine which backup to restore? I think you will need to explicitly give the file name.

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Thanks for reply Ronan, in this case we don't use catalog. I have different behavior when I run restore from disk and from tape. From disk it is just error database not mounted. From tape nothing I waited for half hour and just kill the RMAN process.

Maybe RMAN just cannot find the file. Or just need few hours to finish it......

SET DBID=3555660907;
ALLOCATE CHANNEL 't11' type 'sbt_tape' parms="ENV=(TDPO_OPTFILE=/opt/oracle/admin/XYZS1/tsm207/tdpo.opt)"; SET UNTIL TIME "to_date('2014-03-06:17:50:00', 'yyyy-mm-dd:hh24:mi:ss')"; restore controlfile from AUTOBACKUP;
Any ideas ?

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Hi Tiran,

You need to be connected to a recovery catalog to run this. Otherwise, how can RMAN know about the available backup since these are stored in controlfile/catalog?

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controlfile restore


Sorry for simple question but I looking for some way to do restore controlfile with RMAN SET UNTIL TIME. For example you have 100 controlfiles in tape device and don't want to look and find manually the exact one which you need just put RMAN SET UNTIL TIME and restore it.

Why I always get ORA-01507: database not mounted (restore controlfile from AUTOBACKUP;) ? Controlfile must be restored in nomount state.


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