Re: Reading from an Excel table into an Oracle table or list to use in a query

From: Guillermo Alan Bort <>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 23:28:19 -0300
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short answer? you can't, at least not easily. longish answer, of course you can :-P the question is how.

You could create a CSV off the excel file and then use it as an external table. This requires DBA intervention.
You can create a CSV and then use sql*loader (which is included in the standard client and has an instant client version). This requires no DBA privileges, but does require that there's a table where the data is going to be loaded.
You could also deploy (could you?) APEX, which has a facility to load a table from an excel file. But this requires privileged access to the database.
You could potentially use the excel function "CONCATENATE" to generate the insert statements and then run that script from SQL*Plus/Developer. This is by no means performant, but it's easy to do, especially if there is a single table involved.

I suggest you add some indexes afterwards to speed up your queries. Basically, index the columns through which you will filter in the where clause.

a quick google search returned this. I have not tested it, but it looks plausible.

I hope this helps.


On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 8:27 PM, William Threlfall <> wrote:

> *Hi experts,*
> *I just spent 2 hours searching online for a way to do this, without
> success. Why is this difficult? This was simple to do in FoxPro!*
> *Anyway, I have been given an Excel f**ile containing a list of patient
> ID**'**s, and need to extract certain lab results for those specific
> patients.*
> *The obvious way to do this would be to read the patient id**'**s into a
> list **structure **(call it PATLIST) **and then **in the query use **WHERE
> **patient_info.pat_id** IN PATLIST* *to filter the results.**
> Alternatively, I can possibly create a table calle**d PATLIST and use
> WHERE patient_info.pat_id = PATLIST.pat_id to filter the results.*
> *However, I am stuck because I can**'**t find any information on how to
> read an Excel file into an Oracle table or list structure**.*
> *I can export the Excel file into a CSV text file if necessary, but **I**
> can**'**t find a way to read a text file into an Oracle table or list
> structure either.*
> *Will** someone please tell me how to do this **simply and **easily? *
> *I am using SQL Developer**, connecting remotely to the database**. I**
> don**'**t have access to **do anything on **the server, and **I **don**'**t
> have any ability to do anything **that would require DBA or SysAdmin
> access.*
> *Cheers, - Bill.*
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