Re: oraenv - I am sure it used to be so simple

From: Seth Miller <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 10:07:50 -0600
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oraenv and the oratab are readable by any user on the server. However, the oraenv script checks for proper permissions on ORACLE_BASE for the user running the script and spits out the error in the event they don't have privileges.

if [ -x $ORABASE_EXEC ]; then

            echo "The $ORACLE_HOME/bin/orabase binary does not have execute privilege"

            echo "for the current user, $USER. Rerun the script after changing"

            echo "the permission of the mentioned executable."
            echo "You can set ORACLE_BASE manually if it is required."

Seth Miller

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Chris Taylor <> wrote:

> For users/developers that need the Oracle environment set, we usually put
> it in their profiles by exporting ORAENV_ASK=NO, export ORACLE_SID and
> execute oraenv to set the ORACLE_HOME path variable.
> I find it curious that Oracle documentation would say it's for DBA users
> only, otherwise you have to export all the variables manually on all boxes
> instead of just changing the ORACLE_SID in a vanilla profile setup.
> Chris
> On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 9:50 AM, Peter Hitchman <>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> An Oracle client install:
>> Release
>> Then when a non dba user calls oraenv:
>> ORACLE_BASE environment variable is not being set since this
>> information is not available for the current user ID tspstest1.
>> You can set ORACLE_BASE manually if it is required."
>> Now I have come across this before, but I decided to check on MOS and
>> came across
>> note 1387463.1, which really confuses me.
>> First it says:
>> "The 'oraenv' script is used to allow the DBA to set a common
>> environment for all users and make it easier for users to move between
>> databases."
>> but then a bit later on in reference to the above message:
>> "This is expected behaviour as oraenv script is intended to be used by
>> dba users only"
>> So which is it,is oraenv for the use of all users or just DBAs?
>> I have always been confused by the test in the oraenv script to see if
>> oraclehomeproperties.xml is writeable, although that could be related to a
>> bug I logged in the 11.1 release with Oracle, about the fact that the
>> orabase command always re-wrote this file even when it did not need to.
>> So what do other people do, when it comes to setting up an Oracle
>> environment for non dba users? Manually set ORACLE_BASE, ignore the error
>> or not use oraenv at all?
>> Regards
>> Pete

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