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From: Manuela Atoui <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 09:56:37 +0100
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Dear All,

in my current project we use liquibase for database changes (DB objects, PL/SQL code...).
All the applied changes are written in the log table databasechangelog and a md5sum is created for every entry to keep track of the changes.

Here's the link to a small tutorial using liquibase ona an Oracle database. The tutorial uses a small self-contained example.

A lot of documentation and information is availabel at

Best regards and have a nice Wednesday,

Manuela Atoui

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 7:34 AM, Iliya Peregoudov <>wrote:

> Our company have developed in-house change tracking and distribution
> system. This system tracks database objects and database changes. The
> system uses two major components, change repository and change tool.
> Change description contains list of objects this change affects and list
> of SQL scripts to execute to actually apply the change. The change tool is
> used to create the change from change description and sql scripts and put
> the change into the change repository.
> The change tool is used to apply the change from the change repository
> into the target database schema. The tool will check dependencies, execute
> scripts, and create a record in the change repository about successful
> change application. These records are used to check dependencies.
> Changes are grouped into changesets. The change tool can export changeset
> from the change repository into file, and can import changeset from file
> into the change repository. This is used to distribute changesets from
> developer change repository to client change repository.
> On 25.02.2014 20:25, Jeff C wrote:
>> I am curious how everybody handle database change control. I am not
>> talking about just source control for your code but the process of
>> moving changes into the database, like procedure changes, alter tables,
>> indexes, manually update of data, etc. Do you have a formal process to
>> go through and what is that like if you are willing to share.
>> We are a private company so things have been kind of light here and we
>> don't have any credit card data. We source control, plus we have a
>> project/bug tracking program that most but not all code changes are
>> related to, and then all code is reviewed before moving to production.
>> Oh and I have a ddl trigger enable to save all updates. But I don't
>> feel like all of this tells a true story. I think we need something
>> more formal and I am trying to gather ideas and opinions before I move
>> forward with the idea.
>> Thanks for any input.
>> Jeff
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