Re: Database Change Control Process

From: Ram Srinivasan <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:11:28 -0500
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  We use the Oracle Designer tool. We give the developers access to this tool. The Developers create an ECP (Engineering Change Proposal), in which they add their code for packages, procedures, functions, create table statements, etc., etc.). Once they finish this, they save it, and inform the DBA team to implement ECP10253632. The DBAs then pick that up and run it on the dev and test, fix error if any, and then run the same scripts in prod. Thus we have a complete documentation for changes to the database.

Now, the Designer tool, I must say, is very cumbersome tool to use and is not user friendly. Also, I heard that oracle is not going to support this tool anymore beyond 11g.

 Is there any other equivalent tool out there?


Ram Srinivasan

On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Jeff C <> wrote:

> I am curious how everybody handle database change control. I am not
> talking about just source control for your code but the process of moving
> changes into the database, like procedure changes, alter tables, indexes,
> manually update of data, etc. Do you have a formal process to go through
> and what is that like if you are willing to share.
> We are a private company so things have been kind of light here and we
> don't have any credit card data. We source control, plus we have a
> project/bug tracking program that most but not all code changes are related
> to, and then all code is reviewed before moving to production. Oh and I
> have a ddl trigger enable to save all updates. But I don't feel like all
> of this tells a true story. I think we need something more formal and I am
> trying to gather ideas and opinions before I move forward with the idea.
> Thanks for any input.
> Jeff

Ram Srinivasan

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