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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 11:28:39 -0800 (PST)
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     I have not used x4-2, but we are implementing x3-2 now.  A couple of things come to mind when reading your email:

1)  I am not sure I understand your hardware architecture correctly or not, but if I do, it seems as though you may want to invest in a dedicated or upgraded SAN.  I don't know if Larry is your uncle or cousin or something, but the cost difference would seem to be large.

2)  You can get (yes pay extra $$$) for Oracle to handle the patching.  They do not recommend applying patches without downtime for 1/4 or less, at least for the X-3.  When configuring your machine, you can choose the high availability option, for the disk layout (3rd mirror), however, you don't, or at least we didn't get the lat piece of information until we went to patch.

3)  As I said we are not live, but we have done some testing and we noticed a large performance increase, without doing anything (datapump from existing prod to X3-2).  We still have to go through the remove indexes part of the plan, add HCC, etc.

4)  Setup was pretty quick, there are other options besides Oracle for setting these up.

5)  I would recommend reading Oracle Exadata (Johnson, Poder, Osborne) to give you some insight into what you are in for.


On Monday, February 24, 2014 1:57 PM, Fuad Arshad <> wrote:
Anthony .
I've implemented about 50+ ODA's in the last 2 years for my previous company and can definitely speak to some of the things that you ask,

1. how does it perform? 
Performs pretty darn good  but it depends on your db usage 
Does it meet your expectations?
If there is a right design and understanding yes it did 
Was it as quick to setup as Oracle says?  How long to setup in your shop?

from plug in to db there in 4 hrs was my first experience . We had 4 ODA's up in 3 days . here was a blog post that i did
How seamless is patching through the appliance manager?
The patching is seamless but does require downtime in some cases 
How frequently are you replacing disks?
It seems like its been varied i've had a couple of ODA's where we had no disk replacements for a whole year and a couple where we had 2 disk replacements in a year.
Quality of support from oracle on appliance issues?
Pretty good and a one stop shop support 
Look for the IOPS. if you have an I/O bound application make sure it scales within the realm of the ODA.  ODA is limited to Disk on the ODA and one storage expansion. Make sure you look at your growth patterns accordingly.

And last a plug for our book that Just came out on the ODA.

P.S I now work for Oracle  but the above is my experience with the product.|


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Subject: Oracle database appliance X4-2

Hi folks,

We are looking to move a virtualized, memory and IO bound database from vmware to a physical machine with dedicated storage.  We are considering the Oracle database appliance X4-2 (bare metal, no oracle vm, RAC).

current env:
 vmware 5

RH 5.9
Oracle with partitioning and advanced compression
HP Left Hand San P4000 (three of them, RAID 10)
oracle license tied to an app with NO cpu restrictions

small overworked infrastructure team tired of hearing me complain about performance

IO is currently our biggest issue as our SAN is not quite enterprise level and is heavily abused, especially by this db server.  We are currently seeing ~30 millisecond latency on average.  There are 35 vm's sitting on this SAN.

I'd like to know if any other folks out there have any experience with this hardware and if so, 

how does it perform? 
Does it meet your expectations?
Was it as quick to setup as Oracle says?  How long to setup in your shop?

How seamless is patching through the appliance manager?
How frequently are you replacing disks?
Quality of support from oracle on appliance issues?
etc, etc

Any feedback would be most appreciated.


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