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From: Jeffrey Beckstrom <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 11:31:34 -0500
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I am referring to the validity of the data being reported. In a report developed by IT, results are checked for accuracy. For an end-user developed report, what are some ways to force the user to verify the information they are getting is accurate. We do not want decisions being made from bad reporting.

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Hi Jeffrey,

What do you mean with "the integrity of the user's reports"? If you're referencing to performance impact (to make sure users don't kill the system by running huge reports that never complete) We have partially addressed this by implementing the resource manager plan to limit the number of total active sessions for users connection, the degree of parallelism and max amount of CPU % they can utilize. And I say "partially" because we're not able to control how much IO they cause. no Exadata here ;(

Maris Elsins

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For those of you that allow your users to create their own reports, what procedure is followed to validate the integrity of the user's reports? 

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