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From: Juan Miranda <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 07:25:41 +0100
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We use dblinks a lot, and it work ok.
We usually create read-only users dedicated to the dblink. Indeed we have dblink toward SQLServer databases (using Oracle HS), and works ok too.  

You must take care when you restore the database in another server, we usually change tnsnames.ora file.  

When you create a dblink the SCN of both databases is synchronized, but there are no problems with this.  

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What are you rules for using database links in a production application? We currently have an application that needs data from another database and I am torn between having them just use a database link or copying the data to their database using various methods. I am leaning towards duplicating the data because I prefer to not have this database dependent on the other or one causing havoc on the other. But I guess if that didn't matter what in general are your rules?  


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