RE: Real life implementation of 7 year data retention requirement

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I may be kicked off this list for making this comment...but I would look into a simple Hadoop cluster to store the data...I am not sure if your data is written once and done - or if you update it frequently, but there is a lot to be said for the cost/TB and the ability to store data long term in a Hadoop cluster. Bill

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Paresh writes:

> period (say 6 or 7 years from "now") (e.g. challenges in locating the
> tapes (physical or virtual), rman catalog not having record of backup
> pieces for the time period etc.). Does magnetic tape remain good for 7
> years in a climate controlled environment or you do copy them after 3
> years or so to a new tape? If yes, is this automated as manual process
> will be too much cumbersome and prone to errors.

And don't forget about compatibility. For example, an LTO-3 tape written 7 years ago won't be able to be read on an LTO-6 drive -- a very plausible timeline example.



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