RE: cross platform migration

From: Iggy Fernandez <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 16:52:15 -0800
Message-ID: <BLU179-W50D9EEE53672FBF37D9426EB9D0_at_phx.gbl>

Here is a white paper that describes a project that is similar to your project: What I like most about this paper is that it addresses every aspect of the project: not just the database migration and endian conversion. Kindest regards, Iggy Fernandez > I have a project that is going to get started soon and i wanted to get > some Pointers with regards to it. Please excuse my knowledge, as i am > from SQL Server background and a seasonal oracle DBA. Project is to > move our DB(multiple DB size from 1TB - 30TB) from hp-ux pa risc to > RHEL. We have quite a few restriction in options as our app is SAP :-( -- Received on Thu Feb 13 2014 - 01:52:15 CET

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