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From: Upendra <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 16:11:35 -0500
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For cross platform data migration, you can't really apply the archive logs like a traditional standby database (at least not that I know of). Your best bet is to use data replication/migration tools like GoldenGate.

It has a steep price tag, but is one of the best for the job. It is flexible and will be efficient in migrating large amounts of data. You may want to look into GoldenGate limitations to see if there is anything that is relevant for your environment.


Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 14:54:36 -0600
Subject: cross platform migration

Hello List,
I have a project that is going to get started soon and i wanted to get some Pointers with regards to it. Please excuse my knowledge, as i am from SQL Server background and a seasonal oracle DBA. Project is to move our DB(multiple DB size from 1TB - 30TB) from hp-ux pa risc to RHEL. We have quite a few restriction in options as our app is SAP :-( . Couple of SAP notes i read suggested that we can use use cross platform transportable tablespace, which is what i am planning to do as well. I wanted to find out couple of things from the list First of all if anyone has done this(on a SAP system), if so any gotchaTo reduce the down time i was planing to do a restore ahead of the cut over(lets say 3 days in advance) and then keep applying archive log until the day of cut over. Is that even possible for this situation (as i have to do RMAN Convert of the datafiles and then keep applying logs) i cannot do transportable DATABASE, as i am going from big endianess to little( i believe #2 is possible here, as i read this doc) I read an option some place that mentioned i could have heterogeneous data guard setup for this migration, but when i read MOS doc ID 413484.1, i do not think hp ux to RHEL Data guard is supported or have i gotten that wrong. any other recommendation in general due to the size of our DB. The one i am worried about is our 30TB DB which takes about 18 hours to do weekly Level 0 backup and customer wants to do the migration in less than 10 hours is cross platform transportable tablespace a bad idea as SAP creates thousands and thousands of objects in the database and the metadata would be too much to export/import I would really appreciate some pointers. Thanks,Max
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