Duplicating from copy of a standby with standby controlfile

From: Don Seiler <don_at_seiler.us>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 15:52:59 -0600
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Good afternoon everyone.

Trying to work through a process where I can make a copy of our prod standby (plus archivelogs) and have it stand up as a new dev database. We have the process working but only when we use a backup controlfile from the primary. I know this is nothing new but thought by 11.2 we'd have some way to make this work.

I did get it to work but only when the standby redo logs were also preset for the new instance. Then I could run the "activate standby database" which does a standby crash recovery and then I can open it.

Anyone know offhand if there is a way around that so that?

This is basically the process:

  1. backup as copy database include current controlfile
  2. backup as copy archivelogs
  3. Remount NFS share to dev box.
  4. Update dev pfile to point to controlfile copy on nfs share
  5. Startup mount
  6. Catalog datafiles on nfs share and switch to copy
  7. Catalog archivelogs on nfs share and recover database
  8. open resetlogs

With the standby controlfile I'd have to first activate it before I could open it in step 8. Again that requires having the standby redo logs there and I don't think it would be valuable to copy those without stopping standby recovery which I don't want to do.

I was hoping with the archivelog recovery done in step 7 that the new database would have all of the recovery it needs to allow me to open.


Don Seiler


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