State Object dump - which function caused crash ?

From: GG <>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 18:47:22 +0100
Message-ID: <>

  just wanted to share dump from production DB which hanged . latest psu .
Anyone has an idea what function caused crash according to short callstack ?
<-kslges()+2560<-kghalo()+ ? or something other ? Looks like shared server S103 had shared pool allocation issue and pmon hang during clean up attempt :).
SR opened already .

SO: 0x19d1617270, type: 2, owner: 0x0, flag: INIT/-/-/0x00 if: 0x3 c: 0x3 proc=0x19d1617270, name=process, file=ksu.h LINE:12616 ID:, pg=0
(process) Oracle pid:242, ser:7, calls cur/top: 0x19cbaa0608/0x19cbaa0608
flags : (0x40) MS SERVER
flags2: (0x0), flags3: (0x10)
intr error: 0, call error: 0, sess error: 0, txn error 0 intr queue: empty
ksudlp FALSE at location: 0
(post info) last post received: 0 0 299

last post received-location: kmc.h LINE:3062 ID:kmcmbf: not KMCVCFTOS last process to post me: 19e1699d38 1 128 last post sent: 0 0 306
last post sent-location: kmc.h LINE:3090 ID:kmcpdp last process posted by me: 1a015eefd0 1 128
(latch info) wait_event=0 bits=10

Location from where call was made: kgh.h LINE:6407 ID:kghalo: waiting for 3800f7a88 Child shared pool level=7 child#=2 Location from where latch is held: kgh.h LINE:6644 ID:kghdmp:old: heap descriptor
Context saved from call: 108643359360
state=busy [holder orapid=244] wlstate=free [value=0] waiters [orapid (seconds since: put on list, posted, alive check)]: 255 (72, 1391687557, 72)
179 (13, 1391687557, 13)
waiter count=53
gotten 3272820577 times wait, failed first 176163198 sleeps 2112985 gotten 235284 times nowait, failed: 1731 possible holder pid = 244 ospid=1891
on wait list for 3800f7a88
holding (efd=6) 19dbb9c210 Child row cache objects level=4 child#=5 Location from where latch is held: kqr.h LINE:2331 ID:kqrpre: find obj: Context saved from call: 0
state=busy [holder orapid=242] wlstate=free [value=0] waiters [orapid (seconds since: put on list, posted, alive check)]: 258 (58, 1391687557, 58)
240 (58, 1391687557, 58)
waiter count=2
Process Group: DEFAULT, pseudo proc: 0x1a11653f48 O/S info: user: oracle, term: UNKNOWN, ospid: 1848 OSD pid info: Unix process pid: 1848, image: oracle_at_prod (S103) Short stack dump:

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