From: McPeak, Matt <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 21:32:49 +0000
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I have a database view that needs has a select-list item something like this:


, ADD_MONTHS(po_date, xxcust_profiles_pkg.get_profile_value('LEADTIME_MONTHS')) eta_date,

FROM big_table;

Now, here is the thing: I want to execute get_profile_value once per call, but not once per row.

I don't think I can make the function DETERMINISTIC, because it's not (the profile value is stored in the database and may be changed).

Also, I am shy about giving xxcust_profiles_pkg the SERIALLY_REUSABLE pragma, because I cannot guarantee that it won't be called from places where it will yield an ORA-6534 (Cannot access serially reusable package...).

I really want it to behave like SYSDATE - where all rows in the query use the same value but not all queries in the same session do.

Does anyone have any ideas / thoughts?


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