ora-1555 on physical standby (no active data guard)

From: <Laimutis.Nedzinskas_at_seb.lt>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 09:15:12 +0200
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Might be someone have delt with ora-1555 on Physical Standby. No active data guard is involved. Bug 8895202.

Oracle fix a per note 8895202 heals the blocks but it does not fix the root cause.

dbv detected 5000+ corrupted index blocks on standby which are causing this ora-1555. Error code is "Page 385337 failed with check code 6056" About 21 indexes are involved.

Does anyone has an idea what could be the root cause ? How can be this corruption stopped ?
Our best guess so far is that index rebuild helps but does it prevents future errors ?

Our version is but (we think it is important) we migrated from and kept compatible= as escape route.

Our next rather wishfull guess is that something in blocks is breaking 11.2 data guard apply redo process. The error was first detected after migration into 11g. Analysis of SCNs reported by dbv shows that all corrupted blocks have SCN's after migration. So far the corruptions do not reapper on indexes which we have already rebuilt.

Brgds, Laimis N

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