Aw: Database Reports to Upper Management

From: Ingrid Voigt <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 17:51:22 +0100 (CET)
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For management:
Not too much.
Yearly: Number of databases hosted / administered. Number of changes we were involved in. Basically bragging about the amount of work we do.

Monthly: reports about tnsping or connection times for each database (too high may count as outage for SLA purposes)
For ourselves:
Daily: space statistics (datafiles / archivelogs, ...) per database and harddisk (local / storage system) Gives us 8 years of growth data.
Daily: time since last successful backup / archivelog backup, maximum age of undeleted archivelogs Daily: restarts in the last 24 hours. (Catches very short outages). Monthly: number of successful / failed backups Monthly: reports about cmdb changes and "suspicious" contents - helps to keep data quality within cmdb. (We also run these for some non-database cmdb contents for other teams.)   
Everything else is mostly technical and run on a "want to know"-basis and not regularly.  


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What are some of the reports that you generate for your upper management on a weekly, monthly, etc basis?  What do use to generate these reports?  Manually put data in Excel or use Enterprise Manager?  My management has requested reports but they don't know what they want so I am trying to figure out what would be useful.   Thanks,

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