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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 11:32:17 -0500
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Yes I believe it's a context switch each time.

You can trace it with DBMS_PROFILER and or DBMS_TRACE to see what is happening. In this case DBMS_TRACE will likely show you what you want. TRACE doesn't show timing info but does show all the context switching. You also might want to try DBMS_HPROF, it's good for the subroutine calls, not sure if it really shows the context switching like TRACE does.

You can start here for some info on how to use these packages:

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Subject: context switching (attempt 2)

Say I have a procedure like so with the following calls begin pkg_test.get(1);




The 3 procedures, get, insert, and update are straight sql commands. But is it still a context switch from pl/sql to sql inbetween each procedure call? Or does it stay as sql since there isn't any pl/sql in between each procedure call.
Sorry if this a dumb question.



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