RE: How can you log number of rows returned by all queries?

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 The Teleran product does a pass-thru on all inbound and ou= tbound traffic at the TNS layer, so it is able to keep track of all in= bound SQL and returned rows between application users and connected da= tabase account name, so it is aware of identity on both sides of the TNS la= yer.=0A =0AFWIW, the associated "iGuard[1]" produc= t even allows you to intercept incoming SQL, modify returned error codes, o= r redact data from retrieved rows.=0A =0AI'm not= a Teleran shill, but I've been working with it on-and-off for about 10 yea= rs.=0A =0A =0A=0A-------- Original Message

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Hi Tim,

Sorry if I wasn't specific enough= but I was meaning database user not an application user which I think is w= hat iSight is looking at. Having done some more investigation myself the on= ly idea I can come up with is setting SQL_TRACE and then looing at the STAT= lines with id=3D1 and looking the cnt value e.g.

STAT #4 id=3D1 cnt= =3D6 pid=3D0 pos=3D1 obj=3D0 op=3D'HASH JOIN RIGHT OUTER (cr=3D2024 pr=3D3 = pw=3D0 time=3D0 us cost=3D254 size=3D2339298 card=3D1014)'

I was= hoping there was something a little simpler.



On Monday, 28 October 2013, 11:39, Tim Gorman <[7]> wrote: Teleran iSight ( ucts/iSight).

On 10/28/2013 2:41 AM, Chris Dunscombe wrote:> Hi,
>Looking for a way of "logging" the number of ro= ws returned by all queries
run by a specific user, running &gt= ;
>Any ideas anyone?
>Chris> --
>htt= p://[8]


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