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As with everything, especially Oracle-related, it depends. Query performance is a part of the consideration. Information lifecycle management and contention prevention are some other benefits to consider.

As for your questions on query performance, you can certainly reduce the amount of data scanned if your queries happen to filter on the partition key. Depending on your partitioning scheme, you may actually find that index access is more costly than full scans on a few partitions. Indexes can (and generally should, unless you're maintaining primary/unique keys) be partitioned as well - either local (using the same partition key as the table) or global - partitioning on some other column(s). A little bit of research and planning goes a long way.

T. J.
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We are looking into the possibility of licensing the Partitioning option. My understanding of partitioning is that it only helps when the optimizer can eliminate partitions. Doesn't that mean that it is primarily of benefit when accessing the tables via full table scans? In that case, the optimizer could eliminate partitions from scanning. If, however, you are accessing the data via an index\, would there be any benefit?  

Is my understanding of this correct?    

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