tracking down hidden SQL???

From: Adric Norris <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 13:47:25 -0500
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I'm trying to track down a SQL_ID which is *always* very prominent in the Top Activity view of OEM 12c. When I attempt to drill down into the specific statement, however, it always reports that "The SQL statement is not available". I can see it listed in [g]v$session and ASH, and thereby determine that it's executed very frequently and completes quickly, but for some reason the beastie is never present in [g]v$sql or AWR. I've also tried tracing some of the sessions which frequently show the SQL_ID in question, but couldn't find it listed in any tracefiles either It seems virtually identical to the issue Kerry Osborne blogged about in Hidden SQL Ė why canít I find my SQL
Text?<>, with the very significant exception that the SQL_ID is never present in [g]v$open_cursor either. Has anyone else encountered this situation? Any suggestions on where else I can look, to hopefully figure out what the heck it's doing? The database in question is Oracle Enterprise Edition 64-bit, running on a 3-node Solaris 10 SPARC cluster.

It isn't clear this activity is adversely affecting performance (the vast majority of waits seem to be *SQL*Net break/reset to client*), so this isn't an urgent issue. Mainly it's just annoying that I can't seem to identify anything of significance about what's occurring... wounded pride, and such. (-;


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