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If I were in your shoes - I would consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to work as an oracle 12R . For me I can still use my Oracle 11gR DBA knowledge to enhance the learning quicker and become efficient in Oracle Apps DBA . It makes me more marketable as well.

As a former developer and present core DBA - and exposure to Oracle application 11i and 12R - I definitely jump in to work as an Oracle Apps if they allow some learning curve to become efficient. There are few books and articles in internet - I was able to understand and enjoy in my own way a "Field Guide written by some Oklahoma smart lady".

That's all - this is the first time my posting in Oracle-l - it is a test. Thank you


NathanT Dhital
Oracle DBA

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      A position in our company became available, working with Oracle E-business Suite, release 12. The project is in the early stages, and will not be rolled-out until next year.     I would be interested in your experience with this product. Pros, and cons. Do you find the work satisfying, frustrating ? Would you recommend working with it ?

   Appreciate your input.


    ed lewis


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