Re: Oracle RAC on linux using Virtual Box

From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:27:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks Steve. Yes Tim articles is truly great and already check it and using as reference. He actually skip those Storage steps when Linux install ask to use basic storage and configure partitions.  Rgds

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Tim is da man when it comes to these kinds of installs!!

Check this out =>


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>Need some help from Oracle RAC people who created the test environment on Linux using Oracle Virtual Box.
>Here is my configuration
>1. Installed OEL 6 update 4 on Dell Server with software on Logical volume as well as using /dev/sda1 
>2. Also have /dev/sdb sdc sdd sde available where /dev/sdb1 is mounted as /oravm1
>3. Installed Virtual Box 4.2
>4. While creating VM, i am stuck at the Storage screen as I select create new virtual disk on /oravm1 but when viewing the partition layout, I am seeing it is installing root filesystem and /home kind of using same where I installed the initial server software like in Step 1. It look like if I proceed, it will wipe the original Server Linux and at reboot will be in OS state
>SO question is 
>1 How to use /oravm1 to take selected 30G for OS software as well as layout or create partition on /dev/sdc or so. I am not able to see anything except /dev/sda while I am on partition layout screen and press the create button
>Please help so that I can complete the setup. I earlier worked using Virtual Bob on Windows and has not face this issue. First time using Virtual box on linux and stuck.
>Please feel free to send email if I am not clear at any point or need some more information or even screenshot for easy reference

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