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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 02:24:04 +0000

Hi Dave,
How about using an AFTER LOGON trigger ?

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Thanks for the suggestions, I will push the networking angle more when I meet with the sysadmin. The biggest risk is probably from DB links which can be mitigated, but to be 100% sure looks like isolating it in a subnet or with firewall is the most reliable route. (Pun intended!) On Thursday, September 12, 2013, Martin Klier wrote:

> Hi David,
> I agree with Mark - but my first thought was: "Why not putting it behind
> a firewall, not allowing outgoing connections, and only allow the app
> server to connect in [to Port 1521 via TNS]?"
> Maybe easier to achieve than reconfiguring a legacy system to a new subnet.
> Martin Klier
> Mark Bobak schrieb:
> > If you're not sure how to do that, you may want to have a chat with your
> > network engineering group. It should be pretty trivial to set up.
> >
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