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From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 13:11:19 +0100
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Morning Howard,

On 11/09/13 11:28, Howard Latham wrote:
> Oracle 11 RH Enterprise
> Hello all -back from Holidays and trying to run a duplicate for standby
> script that has worked many time.
> Now rman is terminating with
> Starting Restore at 11-SEP-13
> Aborted
> No error number nothing! Any ideas?

I wonder if you will get anything more helpful if you use the "debug" and/or "trace" RMAN features?

RMAN target / .... debug=all | tee rman_debug.log

All can be all or on, io, sql, rcvman, plsql or rpc depending on what you need to debug.

The logfile can be grepped for debug messages using a pattern of "^DBG".

You can add a level parameter for less or more debugging details. Level=1 is lowest details, level=15 is highest. Default, if not specified is level=9.

If you don't want to debug everything, enable debugging just before the part of the script you want to debug:

at channel allocation:

run {
allocate channel .... debug=n ....

N being between 1 and 15 as per the above. You can also add trace=n to the above command, n being between 1 and 5 here. 1 again is the lowest level of detail. The trace file will be in background_dump_dest as normal.

Alternatively, you can do this, and wrap the commands you want to debug:

debug sql level=n
backup ......
debug off

all at the RMAN> prompt. I haven't found a way to get trace turned on at this level yet!

Trace files go to background_dump_dest and debug information goes to screen (or logfile) and wherever you "teed" the rman command to.

HTH Cheers,

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