Re: Question on dropping tablespace and transportable tablespaces

From: Mark Burgess <>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 08:53:00 +1000
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Hi Mike,

Do you have the option of using partitioning? The combination off TTS and partitioning would provide a nice solution for what you want where you could "stage" the tables in the query database and then perform a partition exchange operation when required.

This would reduce the time that the users had to wait for the data to be available as you would not be dependent on the TTS operation completing.



On 06/09/2013, at 7:43 AM, Kevin Jernigan <> wrote:

> We have customers that use Flashback Data Archive together with login
> triggers to limit users' sessions to a specific point-in-time view of
> the database. When they are ready for the users to see newer data, they
> update the login trigger, and then tell the users to log out and log in
> again.
> This approach would give you maximum flexibility in terms of what
> timestamps / snapshots are available for users - essentially all points
> in time back to the beginning of your Flashback Data Archive history for
> the tables in question. It would also require you to configure enough
> storage in your production environment to hold the historical data - and
> that is very much dependent on the change rates on the tables you're
> tracking, as well as the compression ratios for that data (if you have
> licensed the Advanced Compression option and thus are able to apply
> compression to the history tables).
> Note that there's a licensing quirk wrt Flashback Data Archive: prior to
>, you are REQUIRED to license Advanced Compression to use it.
> From forward, you can use Flashback Data Archive in both EE
> and SE without licensing anything other than the database, EXCEPT that
> you cannot use "optimization" on the history tables unless you license
> Advanced Compression. As you might guess, history table optimization in
> consists of applying OLTP Table Compression, SecureFiles
> Compression, and SecureFiles Deduplication to the Flashback Data Archive
> history tables, and there is new DDL syntax to enable / disable history
> table optimization.
> Let me know if you have questions etc.
> -KJ
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> On 9/5/13 12:43 PM, Michael Schmitt wrote:

>> I can't really see standby as an option with the requirement that they do not want the data changing in the underlying tables until they give the green light.  They want to present the users with snapshots of the data that they control.  I was thinking it might be possible to do somehow using flashback, but have not looked into it in detail yet
>> Thanks

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